Double, Triple, and Quadruple Checking

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With the Kickstarter for No Escape looming in the near future (April 17th), we've been working overtime to get everything ready. Not the least of which has been component and Box art. 

3d Box.jpg

One of the most interesting things about getting a game ready, is making sure that any font you use, you have the legal right to use. Which is why we had to cancel using a Logo design we were planning on going with.  We've worked that out now however, and look forward to displaying the new Box art (which is almost complete).

I've always loved the physical aspect to making board games, and right now is no exception. With artwork being finalized, the last of the prototypes need to be made up. I make the prototypes myself. First I get the art printed onto glossy paper. Then I mount it (using spray glue) onto sheets of chipboard. And lastly I cut out the individual pieces using a rotary cutter. Time consuming yes, but the final result looks great.


Snails will need to take a backseat for a while until the No Escape kickstarter is complete. Don't worry, they are definitely not forgotten.