First Impressions and Mistakes

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I came across something interesting that I thought I would share. Be patient, as it may not seem board game related at first.

In my local shop an swap Facebook page, somebody posted a picture of the pizza they had delivered from a local franchise that just opened a new location. The pizza looked like someone had repeatedly dropped the box. With the picture the person posted their horrible customer service experience when they called about it. It only took 19 minutes for the manager of the location to reply that they were fixing it, however by that time over 60 people had already commented on the post. The situation was made worse when a new pizza was rushed out to this person. New pictures were added to the original post of a half-raw pizza having been delivered.

Despite both the location owner and the franchise owner both trapping to people on the post, within 2 hours almost 400 people had replied to the post. While most of the replies were negative, there were a fair number of people coming to the franchises defense, including people that have worked in the industry trying to explain how these things can happen with new staff and new equipment. There were also many people making comments simply to start arguments.

So what is my point with sharing this experience?

First impressions, and fixing mistakes the first time. Most of the people commenting had not yet eaten pizza from this franchise. For those ones, the most common response was that they would never order from this location. Some people respond in defense, talking about previous good experiences, but you could tell that it had little effect on most of the people. Others responded in defense talking about the difficulties of the industry. But with the second bad pizza being delivered, you could tell most of the people responding to this post were lost as customers for good. 

The same holds true for us as game designers. For the majority of us game designers, we are just getting started, and have a lot of kinks to work out. Sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes are big ones. But if we don’t make sure that when we have the chance to make it right things are fully corrected, the damage to our reputation could be extremely damaging. It really won’t matter how many other people defend what might have occurred, we will have lost customers. and damaged our reputation. 

At OOMM Games we recognize that issues will happen on occasion. These are the times we have a chance to be exceptional, and we strive to make things right. 

What do you think about the importance of Customer Service in the Gaming industry?