What’s new in the next printing of Last One Standing?


Additional play styles for starters. A whole new way of playing is added into the next printing. Here is a sample of those rules:

During each turn you will choose and perform 2 of the following actions: 

  • Move - move up the the number of spaces your weight allows.

  • Shoot - attack with one of your weapons.

    • You may not Move and Shoot a Heavy Weapon on the same turn.

  • Use Item - Use any single use item from your hand.

  •  Reload & Rearrange - Flip over and rearrange the cards you have equipped. 

The next printing is fully compatible with the first printing, and the additional rules are available for download now in plain text format! A Full Art download of the additional rules will be available soon! The next printing will not be available until April or May. 
We’ll be providing more information about the next printing of Last One Standing over the next few months!

Jonathan Thwaites