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Last Off


In Last Off you are trying to be the last remaining player on the station. Each player trails a path behind themselves and are off the board if they pass their own path. Once you are off the board you continue adding tiles to the board and playing actions on your turn, until only one player remains on the board.

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No Escape Equipment


With Equipment, players are no longer limited to only using a jetpack on their turn. Now players have a variety of options, including Hacking devices, Holograms, Multitools, Head Up Displays, and many, many more. Each piece of equipment will help you in new ways, making each game even more exciting!

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The station has been sabotaged. The self destruct is counting down, and all escape pods are looked. This means the Saboteur is still on the station! 

Take on one of 3 secret roles as you attempt to save the station, ensure it's destruction, or simply survive. Gain access to Security Check cards to learn more about the other players. Who is your ally, who is your enemy, and who is only in it for themselves?

Saboteur changes the core objective for No Escape as you try to discover the truth before time runs out!

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Damage expansion


Printable Wargame Terrain

Printable Wargame Terrain

Want to get some things ready for your next tabletop game, or build something for your kids to play with? Grab these free terrain packs made by one of our staff members.

Terrain Pack

Assembly Instructions



Needing more things to do from home at this time? Try out Space Hamsters Roll n Write, and let us know your thoughts on it! Download any of the versions here, and play with your friends online!

This is a hard time for everyone right now, and playing games together is harder when we can't meet up. Space Hamsters is geared at helping everyone to deal with this a little easier, and help us all stay connected.

We plan to do a few live play videos for people as well! Check back on our Facebook page to see when!. Join us and we can chat during the play through. Lets stay connected!

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