Game Design Course

Concept to Print - Creating Better Games

OOMM Games has partnered up with the Okanagan Regional Library to bring you the Board Game Design Course. This free online 6 hour course is split into 4 parts and goes over multiple topics of interest to both beginning designers and designers who are unsure what to do next. Homework is assigned during each section in preparation for the next section.

If you wish to take this course with the most up-to-date information, please email for schedule information. The course is run once a week over 4 weeks, and encourages you to advance your design skills by designing. Otherwise the videos below allow you to take the course at your own speed.

A special thanks to Jay Cormier, designer of the Fail Faster design journal for permision to use parts of the design journal in this course. If you would like to pickup your own copy of the design journal, check it out at

To learn more about how we've also turned unsuccessful Kickstarters into successful re-launches, please check out this interview over at Automic Automation.


We will be again running this course LIVE starting October 8th. The course will run for 4 weeks, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM PST. If you wish to join, please register through our local library here.


Part 1: Concept to Prototype – Taking an idea and making your first prototype


Random Design Roller (Fail Faster) - This design randomizer will be used during this part of the course to assist you in your design creativity. You can either use this, or the random design elements generated during the video for the design challenge.

Design Challenge - You will be using this during the video to challenge your own creativity. This exercise is very useful when you are feeling stuck on a design.

Design Idea Worksheet - Homework for Part 1.


Part 2: Game design on a budget: Rapid Iteration – testing and making changes quickly – Free software and resources for board game developers – interpreting feedback


Handout - free resources available to game designers.

Playtester Feedback Form (Fail Faster) - This will help you to organize the feedback you receive from you playtesters. For even more feedback forms, check out


Part 3: Making professional quality prototypes and Talking to Artists (Featuring former Disney artists Chris and Gord Quigley)


Part 4: Self Publishing or Working with a Publisher – What you need to know


Self Release Questionnaire - This questionnaire is a summary of James Mathe's blog. For even more helpful information on self publishing, we highly recommend you check out his blogs in more detail.

Licencing Checklist (Fail Faster) - If you want to speak with a publisher, this checklist will help you keep everything organized. For more in depth information relating to each section of this checklist, please check out the full Fail Faster journal at

Project Proposal Template - Do you want to stand out when pitching your idea to a publisher? Filling in this proposal template can assist you.